Lake Titicaca

Finally leaving Cuzco we took the bus to Puno at the shore of Lake Titicaca. The journey accros the Altiplano was very nice, with snow capped mountains in the distance and herds of llamas and alpacas all along the road.
After one night in Puno we first visited the floating reed islands in the Bay of Puno, the home of the Uros indians, who build their islands and boats from reeds.
The boat then took us to Amantaní island, where local Aymara and Quechua indian families hosted us for one night in their homes. This was a very nice experience and the local community even organized a party for us, where we were all dressed in the traditional costumes...
After breakfast the next morning, our “mamas” did escort us back down to the port, where we took the boat to the island of Taquile. After a walk in the rain we arrived at the main square of the village, where we had lunch and some free time to explore, before the boat did leave back to Puno

Floating reed islands

Hike to top of Amantani island (4200 m)

My host family on Amantani island

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