Amazon Rainforest

From Cuzco we flew to Puerto Maldonado, the starting point for our visit to the Amazon rainforest. After a journey of about 2 hours first by bus and then by canoe, we arrived at our jungle lodge.
After lunch we left for our first jungle walk on monkey island, we didn’t have to wait very long before we saw the first monkeys in the trees above us...
In the evening we went downstream by canoe to spot caimans, unfortunately they didn’t show up for our visit.
On the second day we set off early for a walk through the rainforest and our guide explained us a lot about the fauna and flora of the area. After about 2 hours walk we arrived at a hidden lagoon, where we took a short ride by canoe and could observe various wildlife such as parrots, tucans, herons, turtels etc.
In the afternoon we tried our luck fishing in one of the smaller side rivers, as nobody did catch anything that day, the cook had to buy the fish for dinner in the local market....
On the third day we had an early start again, leaving the lodge at 7 am by boat in order to catch our flight from Puerto Maldonado back to Cuzco (of course the flight was late as quite common in Peru....)

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