Buenos Aires

After a long wait at the airport (the plane was about 4 hours late), José Luis finally arrived in Buenos Aires in the early morning hours of December 30th.

After our long separation it was of course very nice to see him again but for me it was also a bit a strange feeling at the beginning, in the meantime I got quite used to travel on my own, to do whatever I wanted and to decide things without asking anybody else’s opinion… and honestly I was also getting a bit worried about my new life after this trip. I already promised José Luis earlier on, that I was going to stay with him in Budapest (where he has been living and working since September 2007) and suddenly I was no longer sure, if things would really work out fine and so on…. Luckily my mood changed after a few days and I could really start to enjoy my holidays in Argentina with José Luis….

We immediately liked Buenos Aires with its grand boulevards, the almost European like architecture, the many green parks and the Rio de la Plata, a river almost as big as the ocean. We spent New Years in town, visited most of the touristy sites such as La Boca, San Telmo, the Puerto Madero dock area, Plaza de Mayo, the various markets and of course we didn’t miss the famous tango shows.

Especially José Luis was overwhelmed by the excellent Argentinean steaks, but even I have to admit that I almost started to like the parrilas together with a bottle of Argentinean wine…