Roatan Island, a Honduran paradise in the Caribbean Sea

On Tuesday morning we took the ferry over to the Bay Islands, where we stayed on Roatan Island for two and a half days, enjoying the nice hotel, our pool and of course the great beaches!!

The reef off the islands is the second biggest after the great barrier reef in Australia and so the spectacular diving and snorkeling draws visitors from all over the world....

We went on a snorkeling tour on Thursday morning and I really enjoyed it a lot (it was my first real snorkeling trip with a boat out to the reefs, just great to see the corals, sponges, fish etc.).

The only drawback was my sunburned bump and back, which I can still feel today.......well, it will turn from red into a nice brown suntan eventually!

After the snorkeling we enjoyed the spectacular beach at West Bay, one of the nicest places I have seen so far.... the only drawback where the sand flies, but in paradise you even put up with them!

From Guatemala to Honduras

In Antigua it was time to say goodbye to some of my fellow travellers and to welcome some new people to our tour group. From now on we are 17 people but with the exception of two guys still mainly girls..........
On Saturday we were leaving Guatemala and taking a minibus to the Honduran border and to Copan. Some of the greatest Mayan Ruins are found here and we toured the site with a guide on Monday morning.

We also had a nice barbecue dinner on Sunday evening by a hot spring and the drive their on a pickup truck was quite fun and bumpy too!